The Book Cover - How to add a Tab Closure

The Book Cover - How to add a Tab Closure

If you want to add a fabric tag to fold round your Book Cover to hold it closed - follow these simple instructions!


Use a ¼in seam allowance throughout

  1. You will need a piece of fabric measuring 3x2½in for making the Tab. You could trim and use one of the Handle pieces for this if you’re not adding them to your Book Cover or a spare piece of fabric. You’ll also need a magnetic snap closure which has a female half, a male half and two fixing back plates.
  2. Fold the Tab in half lengthways with RS facing, matching the raw edges. Stitch together across the top short edge then down the long side. 
  3. Trim off the top corners and press then place the back plate of the male section of the Magnetic Snap so that its hole is ½in down from the top seam. It needs to be positioned centrally between the long side seam and the folded edge. Draw lines through each of the slots. 
  4. Cut along these drawn lines but only through the top layer of fabric. A seam ripper is ideal for this. 
  5. Put the male section of the Magnetic Snap inside the Tab and ease it inside so the prongs come out through the cut slots. Place the back plate over the prongs and fold the prongs to the inside as this will give a neater finish. 
  6. Turn the Tab RS out and press. Your Tab now has the Magnetic Snap neatly attached. 



After you have made and attached all the pockets on the Book Cover Flaps, you need to attach the Tab before you assemble the Book Cover.

  1. Mark the centre of the raw edge of the Tab on the side where the Magnetic Snap is fixed. On the RS of the Book Cover Back measure and mark the centre of the left side edge. 
  2. Place the Tab with the magnetic clasp side up onto the Book Cover Back matching the centre marks but extending the raw edges of the Tab ¼in beyond the raw edge of the Book Cover Back to make it extra secure. Tack the Tab into place. 
  3. If you also want to add Handles then pin and tack them in place at this stage following the details in the instructions booklet. One Handle will be either side of the clasp
  4. Now you can assemble the book cover following the MAKING THE BOOK COVER OUTER section in the instructions booklet. The end of the Tab will be encased in the seams between the Book Cover Flap and Book Cover Back. When. you stitch over them, reverse stitch and sew back over the end to give it extra strength. 


  1. To find the positioning for the other half of the clasp, fold both of the Book Cover Flaps to the inside of the assembled cover so they are WS facing and the seams lie on the edge. 
  2. Fold the Tab over onto the Book Cover Front so the short end of it lies on top of the Book Cover Front, 1½in inwards from the seam.  Make sure it lies straight. 
  3. Press down hard and the raised central section of the magnetic clasp will leave a slight dip on the fabric. Mark this dip with a pen. 
  4. Place the back plate on top so the mark shows through the hole on the washer. Draw through the two straight slits then cut through them as before. 
  5. Turn the Book Cover WS up and push the push the prongs of the female half of the clasp through the slits, place the back plate on top then fold the prongs over so they overlap each other. 
  6. The two halves of the clasp will then meet up when the book cover is closed. 
  7. You can now finish making your Book Cover following the ASSEMBLING THE BOOK COVER section in the instructions booklet. 


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