Amber Makes Sewing Tutorial - How to sew a Mini Bag Charm

Amber Makes Sewing Tutorial - How to sew a Mini Bag Charm

Make this quick and easy miniature tote bag to hang on your bag or from a zip – perfect for mini gifts too!


Bag Outer Fabric: 20x20cm (8x8in)
Bag Lining Fabric: 10x20cm (4x8in)
Split Ring
Matching thread
Basic sewing kit


  • Use a 5mm seam allowance throughout
  • RS = right side
  • WS = wrong side
  • All measurements are listed vertically then horizontally
  • Reverse or lockstitch at the beginning and end of each seam to secure, unless otherwise stated.
  • Topstitching is a line of stitching worked 3-5mm from the fabric edge to neaten and decorate.
  • Tacking is used to temporarily hold layers of fabric together to make the assembly neater and easier. This can be done by hand using a long Running Stitch or by machine using a slightly longer stitch and worked within the seam allowance 



1. Cut the Bag Outer Fabric into the following pieces:
Bag Charm Front: 8.5x8cm
Bag Charm Back: 8.5x8cm
Bag Charm Handle: two pieces 3x12cm each 
2. Cut the Bag Lining Fabric into the following pieces:
Lining Front: 8.5x8cm
Lining Back: 8.5x8cm
3. Cut a 1x1cm square out of the two bottom corners of the Bag Charm Front, Bag Charm Back, Lining Front and Lining Back. This is so that you can add shape to the bag later.



  1. Take one Bag Charm Handle and fold and press it in half lengthways with WS facing. 
  2. Open out then fold the two raw long edges over to the WS so they meet at the centre crease. Fold in half lengthways again to encase the raw edges. 
  3. Topstitch down the length to hold the folds in place. 
  4. Make the other Handle in exactly the same way using the other Bag Charm Handle piece. 


  1. Measure 1.5cm in from the left-hand side of the Bag Charm Front and mark with a pin.
  2. Take one Handle and pin one short RS facing to the Bag Charm Front so that its outer edge lines up with the pin and its top edge extends 1cm above to make it more secure. 
  3. Measure 1.5cm from the right-hand side and take the other end of the Handle and pin in place in the same way
  4. Tack the ends of the Handle in place.
  5. Repeat this to pin and sew the other Handle to the Bag Charm Back.


  1. Place the Lining Front RS facing with the Bag Charm Front matching top raw edges. Pin them together along the top edge.
  2. Stitch together across the top, encasing the ends of the Handle as you go.
  3. Place the Lining Back RS facing on top of the Bag Charm Back and stitch them together across the top edge in the same way.


  1. Open up the joined Bag Charm Front and Lining Front pieces and press the seam open. 
  2. Repeat this with the joined Bag Charm Back and Lining Back pieces
  3. Place the Front pieces and the Back pieces on top of each other so the Bag Charm Front and Bag Charm Back are RS facing and the Lining Front and Lining Back are RS facing. Match up and pin together the seams on one side then match up and pin together the seams on the other side
  4. Pin the Outer pieces together, matching all the raw edges.
  5. Pin the Lining pieces together, matching all the raw edges.
  6. You’ll need to leave a 2.5cm Turning Gap unstitched in the bottom edge of the Lining pieces so mark this with pins to remind you
  7. Stitch together all the way round starting at one side of the marked Turning Gap in the Lining pieces and finishing at the other side of the marked gap. Don’t stitch round the cut-out corners as you’ll need these later for making the boxed corners. 


  1. To give the Bag a little shape you need to box the corners. Start with one Outer corner by pulling the Bag Charm Front and Bag Charm Back pieces apart.
  2. Open out the seam allowances on the side and bottom edges and finger press them flat.
  3. Pin them together so the side seam and the bottom seam match up.
  4. Repeat this to pin together the other Outer corner and the two Lining corners
  5. Sew together across one pinned corner.
  6. Sew the other three corners in the same way to finish boxing the corners


  1. Turn the Bag RS out through the Turning Gap you left unstitched in the Lining. It’s a little fiddly but take it slowly and gradually you can ease the whole bag charm out through this gap in the Lining.
  2. Once it’s all turned RS out, push the corners out so they lie flat. You can just use your fingers for this. Give them a quick press to hold them flat too.
  3. Fold the raw edges of the Turning Gap in the Lining to the inside and Topstitch together to hold it closed. 
  4. Push the Bag Lining inside the Bag Outer.
  5. If you want to hang your Bag Charm onto a handle or zip end then use a Split Ring. Open up the Split Ring slightly and thread one Bag Charm Handle through it then thread the other Bag Charm Handle through it. Turn the Split Ring round until both Bag Charm Handles are inside  

Congratulations – your cute little Bag Charm is now finished. Give it a press and it’s ready to hang

The fabric used in this tutorial is included in our totally tote garden birds kit as a mini extra project. Available to purchase here.

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  • Miss Jane Brown

    Absolutely brilliant, I have spent from the day before christmas eve till today boxing day looking for my pattern to no avail. Then thought aa haaaa the video tutorials on Amber makes. And having just sat and watched the video I can now make my bag wooo hoooo xx Thank you and merry crimble x

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