Amber Makes Sewing Tutorial - How to Sew the Craft Storage Set

Amber Makes Sewing Tutorial - How to Sew the Craft Storage Set

Get organised in style with this circular craft storage set featuring a craft basket with lots of pockets, a carry handle and matching pincushion and scissor case too.

The printed panel includes all the pieces you need to make this matching set with beautifully illustrated sewing notions prints in shades of red and linen. It’s the perfect must-have addition to your sewing room or as a storage item in any room in your home.

The craft basket features six external pleated pockets, for storing all your craft tools and accessories and will hold your crafting supplies inside. It is fully lined with a strong base and a sturdy carrying handle.

There are also two matching sewing accessories - a round pincushion and a scissor case, which will fit a pair of embroidery scissors inside. The digitally printed cotton canvas fabric panel has all the pieces, that you need to create your Craft Basket, Pincushion and Scissor Case.

Just cut the pieces out and sew them together - it’s that easy!

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